Śri Rāma Dharma

The topic of Śri Rāma Dharma will be presented on the 14th December, Thursday, from 17:00 to 18:00 PM at Ayodhyā Jyotiṣa Conference, Royal Heritage Hotel, Ayodhyā.

Śri Rāma was the most merciful avatar who descended on this earth to establish Dharma. Dharma is the foundation of everything. It bears everything. It stands for duty, obligation and righteousness. Dharma contributes to the preservation, progress and welfare of the society and, in a wider sense, of the whole world. The term dharma is explained as dhāranāt dharma iti āhuḥ It means what supports life is called dharma. Dharma creates life, sustains it and saves it from evil consequences.

9th house in the chart is a house of Dharma. It maps to Dhanu Rashi of zodiac chart. Ruled by Jupiter, it stands for religion, righteousness, truth. Lord Shiva represents strength and related to 9th house, while Viṣnu represents purity and links to 12th house of the zodiac, Mina Rashi. 12th house indicates feet, direction of dharma. Entire dharma comes from the feet of the father and pitris. Lord Shiva and Viṣnu worship each other. One needs both: strength and purity to achieve self-realization and follow dharma.

Śri Rāma taught how to follow dharma with His own example.

Śri Krṣna said in Bhagavad Gita: “Saintly kings such as Janaka attained supreme perfection by performing their prescribed duties. Therefore, from the perspective of setting an ideal for people in general, it is appropriate for you, also, to perform your prescribed duty.”

We will analyze Śri Rāma life events and dharma He taught and speak about:

  • Śri Rāma birth chart
  • Analyze mula dasha of Śri Rāma life events
  • Śri Rāma Dharma to His parents.
  • Guru achadana
  • Guna dharma
  • Marriage dharma as one soul, one wife
  • Kshatriya dharma

Sage Sanatkumara said to sage Narada — “The name of Śri Rāma, one and only ‘Rāma’ Nama is my life. There is no other means, no other means and no other means except Śri Rāma Nama in this Kali-age for Jivas to attain the gati liberation, Bhagavan.”

The name of Śri Rāma eliminates curses. We pray to him to pick up His bow and protect us in adverse situations. As Jyotiṣis, chanting the name of Rāma and worshipping Him protects us from bad karmas and keeps us on the path of Dharma.



Author: nandaranidd
Jyotish student of my Gurudev Pt. Sanjay Rath and Guruvi ji Sarbani Rath

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