Dana Khanina

Dana (Natalia) Khanina was born in Mongolia in 1986 in a family of a nurse and a military officer. Not long after her birth the family moved back to Russia and first part of her life she spent in a cold Murmansk region. After 16 years of age she left home and moved to Moscow to study and get profession.

 From school she was interested in languages and psychology, was involved in research in that field.The human mind and its limits were the most interesting topics  to understand. From the age of 21 was studying NLP, yoga, different practices to understand what a human being is and how the brain works in an attempt to find a logical explanation to some healing abilities that she naturally had.

Decpite of all the interests she’s got the profession of civil lawyer and also of the specialist of the National Security-criminal law (not long ago) thus always willing to help people and make their life easier and their pain lesser.

She finished Kundalini yoga teachers course from the direct students of Yogi Bhajan: Harijivan Sing Khalsa(Russia, 2017)  and Guru Ratana Khalsa (Serbia, 2018) .

After the birth of the 3d child she realised that she needs to study Jyotish and found her first teacher Ilona Karlivane, the student of Zoran Radoslavlevic. After finishing her vast course in one year she realised that Jyotish is the path that she wants to understand deeper so  she came to study from Parampara of Sri Achyutananda Das to Devaguru Brihaspati Center and joined Parashara Jyotisha Course (Mahadeva batch) under the guidance of Branka Larsen and Zeljko Krogovic, Mantra Shastra program with Vivek Samala and Shiva Maha Purana programm under the guidance of Pandit Sanjay Rath. She is involved now in Brihaspati Jyotisha course with Guruji Pandit Sanjay Rath and was blessed to be accepted to Jagannath batch under his guidance.

At the present moment she  decided to devote life to Jyotish and Yoga.


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