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Ritu Khurana

 ritu Khurana  Thu, 7 Dec 2023  0 Comments on Ritu Khurana

Ritu Khurana hails from New Delhi, known as ‘Indrapastha’ in the ancient Indian literature. Her ancestors migrated and settled in…

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Nargisa Mavlyanova

 nandaranidd  Thu, 7 Dec 2023  0 Comments on Nargisa Mavlyanova

I was born in Uzbekistan in a spiritual family. I learnt foreign languages at University and worked with Oil and…

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Dana Khanina

 Dana Khanina  Wed, 6 Dec 2023  0 Comments on Dana Khanina

Dana (Natalia) Khanina was born in Mongolia in 1986 in a family of a nurse and a military officer. Not…

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Bhavyata Jethva

 Bhavyata Jethva  Wed, 6 Dec 2023  0 Comments on Bhavyata Jethva

Bhavyata Jethva is an Environmentalist, working to restore the natural balance, both in the external as well as internal environment….