Bhavyata Jethva

Bhavyata Jethva is an Environmentalist, working to restore the natural balance, both in the external as well as internal environment. She is a water professional working on river rejuvenation projects by the Art of Living, as a tool to solve freshwater crisis of India. Her projects have been appreciated and awarded by the Institutions/Ministries/Agencies of National and International repute. She is also a practitioner and teacher of Ancient Indian Yogic sciences. She started her Jyotish journey with Shri Manak Sharma in Bengaluru Art of Living Ashram and was introduced to Pt. Sanjay Rath in 2018 at the ashram. Ever since then, it has been incredible journey for her to learn parampara teachings from Pt. Sanjay Rath, Smt. B. Lakshmi Ramesh and Shri Bhanuprasad Pinnamaneni.

Author: Bhavyata Jethva
I work as Environmental Scientist with the River Rejuvenation Projects to solve fresh water crisis of India. As a water professional, I am part of the team who has been successful in initiating rejuvenation of 70 rivers across India and have successfully demonstrated 2 rivers (Kumudvathi in Karnataka and Naganadhi in Tamil Nadu) getting back to life and started flowing perennially. I also practice and certified to teach different programs related to Yoga Asanas, Pranayama, Dhyana, alternative medical practices like Meru Chikitsa and Cranio Sacral Therapies. I am also learning Vedic Jyotish from Pt. Sanjay Rath and Smt. B. Lakshmi Ramesh. They simplify the complexities of Jyotish and inspire me to continue my journey to explore the subject further.

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