The Role of the Rṣi in Rāmāyana (Vanvas)

The Role of the Rṣi in Rāmāyana (Vanvas) will be presented on the 13 December, Wednesday, from 3:30 to 4:30 PM at Ayodhya conference.

Rishis made Rāma move to the South (Naisargika 10 house, Sa rules natural Capricon, graveyard, the abode of Yama Dharmaraja).  It is the direction where Agni planets get digbala – karmic direction. We all were created to do some Karma.

In Jyotish when we talk about the Sun, 10th house corresponds to a southern movement of the Sun or Dakṣiṇāyana when Pitris are awaken and Devas are asleep.  What does it mean?

It means that when Surya is in Karka, Rakshasa are awakening and start to do all kinds of adharma. At night of the Devas Visnu is sleeping. He will awaken only in Makara Sankranti when Surya will be in Capricon and he will start the day of the Devas. So this world comes under the guidance of rakshasas at the time of Dakṣiṇāyana. And they can kill Brahmins and destroy their sacrifices. They can  do whatever they want. Nobody can protect this world from them. But here the avatar appears to protect the world from the adharma of the rakshasas.

10 house is also our connection to Mahar Loka and  is the  root of life in all the worlds and 10 maharishi were the forefathers of all the living beings in this world.

They are our forefathers, Gurus. Guru has two bhavas -one  is Saggitarius and it is Shiva or knowledge and one is Mina (Pices) Visnu, purity. So in this manner rishi can grant us two things: knowledge and purity. They are the Gurus. They give us the direction in the darkness  for us to come back home to our real self. This movement is symbolised by chandas -the  vedic meter. From Nirukta we know:

ṛṣayoḥ vai mantradraṣṭāraḥ

“Ṛṣis were those to whom were revealed Mantras”

Yasya vākyaṁ saḥ ṛṣi

ṣi is the speaker of scientific truth or a Mantra”

Ya tenocyate sā devatā

The scientific truth revealed by him in the Mantra or the subject matter of his speech was known as Devatā.

Mantras spoken in a right chandas are for  awakening a Devata in the heart.

Let’s reflect on the role of the rishi.

  • Rishi (MUNI) Bharadwaja (VITATHA). The power of speech and its devine origin.
  • Maharishi Atri. The power of Aum .The blessing of the Rishi as his wife.
  • Sage Śarabhanga. (Yajñadatta)
  • Sutīkṣṇa and the power of Six syllable mantra
  • Agastya and Aditya Hridayam
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